YARD CPH ApS was founded in 2008 by Anette Holmberg and is today hosting SKABELONLOFTET and YARD PRC ROOM.


The loft consists of 20 studios shared among 58 creatives.

Corporate events - We arrange corporate- meetings, seminars, conferences and events for groups from 18 to 240 persons.

Yard Prc Room - Yard Project Room host Art Exhibitions, Art performances, Art events, ect.

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Skabelonloftet is an 80 years old shipyard loft on top of the former Burmeister & Wain shipyard at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen harbour. The shipyad is located in a bankrupped abandoned industrial area and it holds a beautiful patination - an aesthetic scenery of decay, with a view over the ocean, only a few 100 meter from the little mermaid. The loft is a place where commercial, artistic and innovative forces meets and interact - and for the media to find inspiration and experience contemporary danish art, culture and urban development. A community through the arts, shared among architects, artists, industrial-, fashion-, web-, grafic-, interior-,  jewellery-, furniture- designers, reporters, sculptors, filmmakers, theaterpeople, documentarists, illustrators, photographers, visuel artists, communication advisers etc. The loft holds studios for rent on a permanent basis. and can be rented on a daily basis for seminars, product launches, dinners, conferences, photoshoots, press releases, music videos, blogger events, pop up restaurants, art exhibitions, happenings...

Photoshoot - The Shipyard loft & the outdoor scenery can be rented on a daily basis as a location for filmshoot & photoshoot.

Burmeister & Wain shipyard (1843 - 1996). B&W was once Denmark´s largest workplace. In its heyday, it employed more than 10.000 people. B&W was established in 1843 and after numerous bankrupcies, the shipyard closed in 1996. The work that took place at Skabelonloftet was skimming. Full size templates was made, based on the shipdrawings. A job that required plenty of space. Today you can still find the original metal templatedrawings as decoration at the loft on doors and tables. DOCUMENTARY - MEN & METAL